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Parenting Time, Visitation Rights, and Child Custody Attorney in Denver, CO

Legal issues involving a child can be complex and emotionally charged. At this difficult time for your family, you need the help of an attorney you can trust to handle your case with the utmost compassion, skill and professionalism.

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At Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates, our satisfaction comes from helping those in need of advocacy, information or advice. We're committed to doing what we can to improve the lives of children and their families through skillful legal representation. We push hard for efficient, positive outcomes while doing everything possible to reach resolutions smoothly and efficiently.

Jennifer Rivera has been practicing law in Denver, CO since 1983 and is dedicated to providing top quality service while treating each client as an individual.  She cares about her clients' families and will fight hard to protect your rights. 

Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates's capable team of family lawyers understands that this is a challenging time. We believe that you deserve attentive, individualized service, and that's exactly what you can expect when you work with us. It's time to get help from an attorney you can trust to work hard for your family. Contact Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates in Denver, CO for your consultation.

Fathers' Rights Denver, CO

Protecting Fathers' Rights in Colorado Divorce

Since 1983, family law attorney Jennifer Rivera has developed a statewide reputation for her groundbreaking work in fathers' rights law. In one case, she convinced the Colorado Supreme Court to recognize for the first time a nonbiological father's child custody rights. If you need advice about the best ways to protect your interests as a parent in divorce, contact the office of Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates in Denver.

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Colorado law is absolutely gender-neutral on custody and parenting issues in divorce cases, but some courts continue to favor mothers over fathers when these matters come into dispute. Our law firm knows how to advance your interests as a father in ways that can overcome this bias without antagonizing the judge.

Paternity Issues and Legal Advice for Single Fathers Denver, CO

At the law firm of Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates, our interest in protecting the rights and interests of fathers goes beyond serving as counsel for divorcing dads. We also advise single fathers about the legal and practical considerations of parenthood, from meeting support obligations to stabilizing their right of access to their children.

Parenting Time and Visitation Rights Denver, CO

Primary residential care or parenting time, is the court's determination of where the child will spend the majority of the time. At Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates, our attorneys are experienced in assisting parents and families come to agreements on parenting time. We take the time to understand our clients' needs in parenting and visitation matters. Our lawyers will remain dedicated to ensuring that you maintain the legal rights you deserve.

Legal Advice About Grandparent Visitation Rights in Denver, CO

Just as divorce upsets and transforms nuclear family relationships into new arrangements, it also affects the dynamics of extended families. Colorado law extends cautious recognition to the rights of grandparents for maintaining regular visitation with grandchildren, but this recognition is anything but automatic.

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If you're a grandparent who needs an attorney's advice about the extent of your right to regular access to a grandson or granddaughter, contact the law firm of Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates in Denver. Our law firm has stayed current with the sequence of court decisions and legislative developments that have come to define the rights of grandparents following divorce.

We work with grandparents who want to stabilize a right of access to their grandchildren as well as with parents who have good reasons for opposing formal grandparent visitation. Disputes over grandparent visitation can also come up when the grandchild's parents are unmarried.

Regardless of where your interests lie in a controversy over grandparent visitation, Jennifer Rivera can give you an accurate understanding of your rights, your options, and the best ways to achieve your goals.

Grandparents Can Also Seek Custodial Rights of a Grandchild

Less frequently, the firm's clients need advice about grandparent custody. Instead of establishing a right to regular visitation over the objection of a parent, a grandparent who acts as a child's primary caregiver might be interested in a formal allocation of parental rights when one or both parents can't provide a stable home environment. The objective here is to get legal recognition of parental authority similar to that of a guardian during a period when the child's parents can't meet the full range of their responsibilities.

For more information about grandparent issues concerning visitation or custody, contact the office of Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates in Denver.

Conservatorships and Guardianship Lawyer Denver, CO

Conservatorships and guardianships are legal instruments used to ensure that minors and incapacitated individuals are cared for and that the law appropriately recognizes the rights of the caretaker. At Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates, our guardianship lawyer can assist you with any matter relating to the custody of a child or to an adult needing legal guardianship.

Guardianships and conservatorships require extensive paperwork and time in court. Our attorneys will work through the process efficiently and effectively to ensure that your rights and the rights of the minor are protected.

If you need a conservator attorney or guardianship lawyer, contact Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates for more information. Our attorneys can assist you with any of the following:

  • Child guardianship
  • Legal guardianship
  • Temporary guardianship
  • Wills and trusts
  • Probate
  • Intestate succession
  • Power of attorney

A guardianship is done to protect the person and a conservatorship protects the property of the minor or incapacitated party. We are experienced in handling guardianship cases for grandparents who find they have become the primary caretakers for their grandchildren. Our attorneys have also helped family members of those in the military provide care for children while the children's parents are on overseas. We can assist you with obtaining a temporary guardianship (90 days) or a permanent guardianship order.

Do not wait to establish a guardianship or conservatorship. The security and rights of your loved ones may be at risk. Our lawyers can make sure that your loved ones have appropriate medical care, insurance coverage, and that you are able to make important decisions.

The same laws that protect minors also protect incapacitated adults. A guardianship or conservatorship can be useful for anyone whose parents are in a nursing home or have become unable to make medical or financial decisions on their own. If a member of your family is unable to make decisions and you are seeking to establish a guardianship or conservatorship for your parent or grandparent, our lawyers can advise you of your options.

For more information about our firm, services, or to speak with an experienced lawyer contact Jennifer Anntoinette Rivera & Associates.

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